What started as a joke amongst friends has now grown into a full blown assault against lameness! Slushcult™ is a anonymously ran lifestyle brand based on our devotion to frozen beverages and snacks alike. We are committed to making high quality garments but in a small limited quantities. Our bright trade colors, what we call "The Holy Trinity" and fun/edgy graphics set us apart from the rest of the skate/streetwear market. We have deep rooted D.I.Y. values and do almost everything ourselves or local here in Orange County California. Remember this is not just a brand, its a CULT! 

Snackboyz™ is a sub-line created by Slurpcult for all the big boys of this earth. They have been left out of fashion for far too long and we are proud to bring them back in the loop. We are creating high quality made and/or printed in the USA garments that are street wear savvy, and available in larger sizes then other brands would dream of. Sizes Large - 3XL will be regularly stocked online and 4XL - 6XL are available via pre-order. We are also launching a line of accessories including made in house skate wax that looks like avery familiar candy bar you might see at your local quickie mart. All in all this line aims to please the crowd that loves snacks and all things food, which is a huge crowd and take care of those who have been over looked for a very long time.

Stay Frozen,